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This is Benjamin Law, the founder of French-Bulldog.co.  I am a French Bulldog owner, our family love this breed for a long time.  My loving furkid Lucy gives my family fun, playful, and joy everyday in our home.

One day she inspired me to create French-Bulldog.co, to share all daily care tips, health diet, and more information about this breed. We will share with you our experiences with dogs, raising them and living with them. Also, we are going to pick the most suitable pet items for this breed.  Why? Because their are so many pet online store opening these days, and some of them claimed to sell items for French Bulldog.  Just because they place a little cute Frenchie picture in the homepage, does not mean they do understand about this breed.  They are just selling trending items on the market, but are those really suitable for Frenchies?

This is why I decided to stand up for Frenchies, as a real owner of this breed, and not only chasing for the trends to promote items on the Internet.  (I guess many Frenchies lover did receive those kind of message ads in their Facebook or any social media.)